Druzy Calcite is a thin layer of crystals covering the surface of a host stone. You can see on some of the peaks that the sides are either very smooth or rough & shiny. Those rough, shiny areas are the druzy Calcite. 


This piece really does catch your eye with the shape alone. The color has a breathtaking transition from transparent to brown/red that travels up the peaks. 


Red Calcite is an amazing stone metaphysically. It is known to be a great stone for women who are preparing for pregnancy & childbirth. It also has high vibration levels that alleviate the feeling of a cloudy brain. It is meant to protect boundaries of energy & emotion. Red calcite is also known specifically to enhance vitality.


Weight: 290g

Size: 3.75"x3"x2"

Red Calcite with Druzy | Fire Red Calcite Cluster | Natural Red | Red Crystal