Rosasite is a copper zinc carbonate hydroxide. It is mined from the oxidation zones of copper. Rosasite commonly forms crystals that are blue-green and grape like in shape and appearance. A fun little fact is that this mineral was actually named after the Rosas mine in Italy where it was originally found!


I love this piece it is probably because the rust color & aqua/ teal combination are my favorite contrast. When I look into this stone & not into anythins else I honestly feel mesmerized & like my eyes cannot focus on anything else. It almost feels like the stone itself is moving in a little vortex. 


Rosasite is known for being a crystal of knowledge & remembering. This crystal in particular is used for remembering mantras. It is meant to stimulate the throat chakra.


Weight: 279grams

Size: 3.75"x2.5"x2.75

Rosasite | Copper Mineral | Throat Chakra | Blue Crystal

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