Rose Quartz is known as the universal stone of love all around the world. It is believed that Rose Quartz helps to open and clear the heart chakra to promote love, self love, friendships, deep inner peace, and emotional healing. Rose Quartz, like all quartz, is made up of silicon and oxygen atoms. Manganese and very fine iron-rutile needles are responsible for the characteristic pink color of Rose Quartz.
I am in love with this Rose Quartz decorator. It would make a thoughtful gift to yourself or for a loved one this season. The color of this decorator is so soft and comforting. It has a smooth texture all around and feels so nice to hold onto. It would look good in the bedroom or around the living room. This Rose Quartz decorator gives off warm and loving vibes, I think it would be perfect to have around for the holidays. 
Weight: 21 oz
Size: 4.5" x 3" x 1.5"

Rose Quartz Decorator