Referred to as "California Jade" or "Pulga Jade", this mineral isnt actually jade at all! Californite is a green variety of the mineral idocrase. This basic calcium-magnesium-aluminum-silicate typically forms as limestones that have been subjeted to contact metamorphism. Another popular variety of this mineral is vesuvianite. 


If you're a California local, then we have just the right mineral for you! This californite specimen is locally found in Pulga, California which is often why it is also referred to by the trade name "pulga jade". This mineral, although rough, has a pleasing waxy texture to it. It's the perfect specimen for rockhounds and mineral collectors looking for geologically significant pieces, seeing as how chemically complex it is. Due to its durability, it is also often carved into figurines and made into jewelry.


Californite is known for its ability to dissolve anger, alleviate fear, and to stabilize inner security and confidence. 


Weight: 6 oz

Dimensions: 3"x3"x1"

Rough Californite (Pulga Jade)