Selenite's name is mostly synonymous with gypsum, due to it being a transparent variety. It is readily cleaved into natural wands & sheets, which makes it a very soft stone that can be scratched easily. Found in Mexico & the U.S. (Disclaimer: Do not rinse or immerse in water. The specimen will disolve due to its water soluble nature.)


These towers are such a great addition to rooms where you want a nice clear environment. I find that it really demands commands a room while keeping it keeping the mind clear from nasty clutter. It is both a beautiful decorative piece as well as a meditative piece!


Metaphysically, these pieces are amazing for mental clarity when you are feeling foggy headed. Selenite helps you stay true to yourself & to your word as well. It is also known as a guidance stone for those who need a little extra help finding their way through life.


Weight: 432.5 grams

Size: 5.75"x2.5"x2"

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