Azurite is a copper mineral that is formed by the penetration of groundwater containing oxygen into rock strata rich in copper. This mineral has a hardness of 3.5-4. It is typically found as tabylar to prismatic crystals of a deep blue color with vitreous faces. Azurite can be found in parts of Africa & Germany.

Malachite is a copper mineral that is best known for its rich green color & banded crystal formations. Formed in copper deposits, it is often found with other minerals such as Azurite & Chrysocolla. Most of the Malachite in the world comes from the Congo.


I love this piece because it really showcases both the by products of copper oxidation. What really is the show stopper is the dark saturation of the malachite & azurite. It you look closely you can even see a small clear crystalline structure on this piece!(This piece also comes in a shadow box.)


Azurite is known as the "Stone of Heaven." It is believed to create psychic awareneness as well as spiritual wisdom. It is an exceptional conductor of energy, as it facilitates the negative energy out and the positive energy into your being.

Metaphysically, Malachite is a stone of transformation & brings positive transformation again & again. Malachite also assists in making these transformation changes with a gentleness of the heart, easing the transition from one state to the other. As a stone of transformation, Malachite helps with spiritual evolution. Meditation or intentional use of this stone in spiritual practices can bring along heightened & pervasive spiritual growth.


Weight: 32 grams

Size: 2.75"x2.7"x.75"

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