Copper is one of the most famous & important metals, & has been sic=nce ancient civilizations. With a hardness of 2-3, it wasone of the first metals to be workd into implement & to be smelted from ores.Copper can also be found mixed in with silver, which are known as "half breeds" The main sites can be found in Canada, Austalia, & Africa. But the most well- known site where copper can be found in beautiful nuggets is in Michigan. 


These pieces are so cute. They really show the raw beauty of copper and how it reacts with its natural environment. It looks flaky while also looking strong at the same time.


Metaphysically, copper is known to enhance your wit. It is also believed to be a great conductor of spiritual energy it not only moves the energy between people but between auras, crystals, & the spirit realm. It is known to be used by psychics to send and recieve messages to other realms. 


Weight: 8 grams

Size: 1"x.75"x.75"

Small Copper Chunk | Nugget | Green Mineral | Mineral Healing |Chakra

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