Smithsonite is a Zinc carbonate & because of this is commonly referred to as Zinc-spar. It is most likely to form in either globular or botryoidal forms. It is very uncommon for you to find a piece that is composed of larger crystals. Smithsonite is one of the the Calcite family. It occurs in a variety of colors & is known to form pseudomorphs with other minerals. 


This piece is beautiful. From far away it almost looks botryoidal and you can clearly see the matrix sandwiched between the stone. Then from up close it is a beutiful, globular, crystaline sea.


Sithsonite is known to be a great stress relieving stone when it comes to the immense toles of day to day anxiety. It has such high vibrations that lead to a calmer energy field as well as dispelling negativity from ones energy field.


Weight: 122grams

Size: 2.75"x1.5"x1.25"

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