Spessartine is member of the Garnet group, and is known for its aesthetic orange and reddish-orange colors, often occuring in single trapezohedral crystals. The clusters of the Spessartine crystals shimmer so brightly under the sunlight, which makes this piece perfect to keep on a shelf or a desk near a window. It's ideal for those who admire unique specimens!


I also find simple beauty in placing crystals near vibrant plants so that the two compliment one another and add an uplifting boost of energy to any space! Metaphysically, Spessartine Garnet gives the gift of confidence, strength, and inspires our own creativity. 


Smoky quartz is a brown to black variety of quartz that owes its color to gamma irradiation and the presence of traces of aluminum built into its crystal lattice. These obtain their color from extreme heat & the strong gamma rays which hit the earth millions of years ago. It is an excellent grounding stone and is detoxifying on all levels, and is also used to relieve stress and anxiety. 



Size: 6" x 2" x 1"

Weight: 12 oz

Spessartine and Smoky Quartz