**The pictures shown and the product received may be different, but will be similar in size, color, and beauty.** 

Spirit Quartz is characterized by tiny, druzy crystals covering the entire shaft of its quartz points. Spirit quartz occurs mainly in light Amethyst, but also in clear Quartz and occasionally in citrine or Smokey Quartz.


This piece from South Africa is just gorgeous. It has suech a deep saturation that really makes it pop. The second generation of quartz are also super gemmy and just super pretty to look at under really any lighting. 


Metaphysically  Spirit Quartz is considered to be a crystal of alignment & harmony. Spirit Quartz is believed to radiate a high vibration energy in every direction, spiritually uplifting anyone in its vicinity and aligning chakras, auras, meridians & the entire physical body.


Weight: 29 grams

Size: 1.5"x1.25"x1"


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