*Based on the crystal structure & the evidence that we have gathered over time we have concluded that this is most likely a pseudomorph of galena that is likely covering another mineral, much like limonite covers other minerals.* 


Galena is a primary mineral, & is the most common miner containing lead. It is often well crystallized with forms of cubic & octohedral shapes or a combination of the two. Galena specimens are usually found in sedimentary limestone deposits found sedimentary limestone desposits along hypothermal veins. These minerals are easily damaged, so they should be handled with care. Found in Bulgaria & the U.S.


This specimen is so interesting to me because of the small crystal in the center alone. It is not quartz or calcite & is super soft. The crystal structure on the piece is rhomboidal & the entire piece is super dense. It is just amazing & super mysterious. If you have any better idea as to what it could be then let us know!


Galena is known to bring harmony to whoever is in its presence. It is also believed that those who are around the mineral will feel an overwellming wash of calmness & insight.


Weight: 1lb

Size: 3.5"x2.5"1.5"

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