This funky piece is Stilbite. Stilbite is named for the Greek word stilbein, which means "to glitter", in reference to the pearly luster of this mineral which is on its cleavage surfaces. Stilbite is generally calcium-rich but some are sodium dominant. It's a member of the zeolite group & is sometimes found in hot spring deposits.


The formations seen in this piece are often described as wheat sheaf bundles & bowtie shaped.This little piece has such good texture to it 👌🏾 You can see all of its pieces shimmer & glitter in the light. It's little bow tie shape is very cute!



Stilbite is used to connect the heart chakra with the upper chakras. Stilbite allows the heart chakra to connect with the upper three chakras. 


Weight: 57g
Size: 2.25"X1.25"x1