Sulfur is a native element that often forms around volcanic vents & fumaroles. Sulfur often occurs in petroleum deposits. Sulfur lets off a pungeant odor that makes it very easy to identify. When burned the mineral also burns a flame that is a bright blue. You should never keep this mineral in a humid environment or put it in water because it will create hydrogen sulfide which can cause the mineral to fall apart. It is also a very poor heat conductor that makes Sulfur very brittle when put under heat. (Disclaimer: do not keep in a hot moist environment, the specimen will deteriorate.)


This piece is so cool. I love that it is such a vibrant yellow & has such a pungeant odor. Sulfur is such a cool mineral when it comes to its color & sent & this speciment really showcases both of those features.


The metaphysical properties of Sulfur include mainly vitality & energy in the crystal healing world. It is an amazing way to purify both people, environments, & even energy fields. 


Weight: 192 grams 

Size: 4.25"x3"x1.5"

Sulfur | Native Element | Smelly Mineral | Vitality | Purifying