Such a beautiful specimen from Brazil! Fantasic for a specimen collection, wire wrapping, or even a healers collection! 


The tangerine quartz is actually a silicon dioxide mineral that is apart of the quartz family. The color of this stone originally comes from the encrustations or inclusions of the iron oxide. Tangerine quartz also got its name from its color, which ranges from pale yellow to deep rust. 


Tangerine quartz is said to raise ones vibrations (especially during chaos and after tramatic events), enhance creativity, aid in understanding past events and bring calmness. Bringing a happier state of mind, as well as raising your energy levels to help you cope with the emotional stress. Sounds to me, its the perfect crystal for quarantine!! 


Weight: 1 oz

Size: 1.5" x 1" x 1" 

Tangerine Quartz/Iron Stained Quartz

SKU: O1544