Tangerine Quartz is identified as a quartz point, mass or cluster that is stained with a hematite film or coating.  This stain is on the outside of the crystal and can be removed when cleaned in an acid bath.  Polishing or tumbling can also remove the color.  Tangerine Quartz can range in hues from pale yellow to deep rust.


I love the termination to this tangerine quartz point! It also has such a deep color to it which makes it look rusty and intense.


Metaphysically, Tangerine Quartz is a remarkable tool to use when working with the issues of Inner self.  It helps to evaluate & face these inner issues without judgment or criticism.  The energy of Tangerine Quartz allows for the forgiveness and release of past issues/traumas that no longer serve & in fact have held us back from going forward.

Weight: 15 grams

Size: 1.75"x1"x.75"

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