Tiger's Eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color and a silky luster. As members of the quartz group, tiger's eye and the related blue-colored mineral, hawk's eye, gain their silky and lustrous appearance from the parallel intergrowth of quartz crystals and altered amphibole fibers that have mostly turned to limonite. 


If you're a fan of beauty then you need one of these tiger's eye bracelets in your life! The colors are so fulfilling. Red brings me a sense of being filled with passion. Blue makes me feel calm. Yellow brings a sense of optimism and joyfullness. These bracelets look graceful upon the wrist and what better way to enhance your mineral healing journey than by wearing them?



Weight: ~ 1 oz

Size: ~ 3.75" x 0.5" x 0.5"

Tiger's Eye Bracelet