*** Each bag is 11 oz, please pick which bag you would like ***



Each bag is sold individually. These tumbled stones are some of our favorites from the shop. They are smooth and polished. Each has very unique patterns and markings. Whether you're an experienced collector or new to the world of geology or crystal healing, we have some beautiful stones for you! Read below to learn more about each type of tumbled stone's healing benefits.



*Carnelian: Vitality, motivation, creativity 


*Snowflake Obsidian: Balance, relieves stress, aids with meditation


*Red Tiger's Eye: Enhances confidence and self esteem


*Tree Agate: Calmness, peace, meditation


*Mookaite: Peace, wholeness, decision making


*Aragonite: Strength, support, relieves stress


*Prehnite and Rutile: Strength, intuition, dreams, meditation


*Serpentine: Wisdom, memory, meditation


*Dragon's Blood Jasper: Joy, vitality, power


*Rose Quartz: Love, trust, harmony


*Sunstone: Intuition, happiness, relieves stress


*Little and Big Citrine: Motivation, creativity, self expression


*Lapis Lazuli: Self-awareness, honesty, clarity



Size: each individual stone is about 1" x 1/2" x 1/4"

Weight: each bag full bag weighs approximately 11 oz

Variety Tumbled Stones