Moonstone is the most well-known gemstone variety of orthoclase feldspar, a potassium aluminum silicate. It is a transparent to opaque oligoclase, a variety of plagioclase albite and sheet mica. Multi-colored moonstone is a medley of shimmering peach, cream and silver. The scientific term for the kind of shimmer--a moving floating light or sheen--that gives this stone its magical look is schiller or adularescence. It comes from two types of feldspar growing into or weaving through each other as the crystal forms. 


In this set you will receive 7 small tumbled moonstones. These stones are so captivating not only for their striking sheen but because of the beautiful array of colors they come in. Perfect for faceting into cabachons or just simply for wire-wrapping! 


Moonstone is also highly prized among lovers, as it's thought to arouse tender thoughts and passion. Those who possess moonstone are thought to be able to foretell their future life together as a couple. Moonstone is the official birthstone for June and is associated with the zodiacal sign of Pisces.


QTY: 7 tumbled moonstones

Weight: 50 grams

*Stones vary in size and shape*

Small Tumbled Multi-colored Moonstone