Polychrome Jasper also known as Desert Jasper is a form a Chalcedony that originates from Madagascar. Jasper is a variety of silica that is broken down & is impure. The red & brown colors that you commonly see in Jasper are due to the inclusion of the mineral Iron. 


This piece almost looks like an artists take on an oil spill in a grey sea. Its so beautiful the way that the dark grey & the vibrant red contrast eachother. It is truly an amazing piece.


The metaphysical properties of Polychrome Jasper are amazing. It is known as being a very nurturing stone especially during times of imense stress. It brings an overall sense of calmness & wholeness to the person holding or wearing it. Jasper is also known to help facilitate dreaming or dream recall. It is a beautiful stone for balancing physical, mental, & emotional bodies.


Weight: 230 grams

Size: 3.5"x2.5"x1.75"

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