Howlite is a basic calcium silico-borate that grows in cauliflower like nodules. The crystals themselves are tabular & are very small & clustered together. The most common way that collectors come across Howlite is in tumbled form. It also is commonly died to look like turquoise & sold to unsuspecting collectors at a higher price. Howlite is found in only one Canadian province of Nova Scotia. 


Howlite is perfect for carving and faceting into cabachons due to its relatively low hardness. However, howlite is most often used as imitation turquoise, due to its porous texture allowing dye to easily saturate the mineral. 


Howlite is known in the metaphysical realm to facilitate anxiety, stress, & release tension. It also assists one into a deep restful sleep when one has an overactive mind. Howlite brings mental awareness & allows for calm communication.


QTY: 30 tumbled howlite stones

Weight: 5.7oz

*Size and shape of stone will vary*

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