Lapis Lazuli is a mineral most well known for its rich deep blue color. These minerals are mostly comprised of Lazurite, & typically contain inclusions of calcite & pyrite. In fact, the name lapis lazuli was was created to describe lazurite stones that formed with these inclusions. 


Its easy to get lost within these lapis lazuli stones. Each stone is unique and unlike the other, with a worldy feeling to them. These stones have traveled all the way from Pakistan. 


Metaphysically, lapis lazuli is known to bring deep piece to ones being. It is used in many cultures as a meditation stone to assist with relaxation as well as to gain access to the throat chakra. It brings harmony & self knowledge.


QTY: 30 tumbled lapis lazuli stones

Weight: 6 oz

*Size and shape of stone will vary*

Bulk Lapis Lazuli