Unakite jasper is a type of metamorphic rock that forms when granite is altered by intense hydrothermal activity. During this metamorphism, the plagioclase in the rock is them replaced by epidote which is where the green color in the unakite comes from! It is found in the Unaka Mountain range of Northern Carolina & Eastern Tennesee where it was origninally discovered.


When I look at unakite all that I think about is Shrek. It is such an awesome little rock that is formed in such a cool way. I love its deep green & red colors. These tumbled stones are perfect for new colectors, jewelers, & hobbiests!


Like many types of other jaspers, unakite jasper is a very nurturing stone. It reasonates with feelings of love, compassion, & kindness. It is a stone to bring about optimism & aid in spiritual growth throughout difficult times in life. Place it on your heart chakra to bring powerful vibration to that chakra & draw love & happiness back into your life.


QTY: 30 tumbled jasper stones

Weight: 5 oz

*Size and shape of stone will vary*

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