Wulfenite forms as series with the rarer mineral stolzite, which contains tungsten in place of the molybdenum. It usually forms as thin tabular crystal with square or octagonal shape & very narrow minsection. These crystals can be very flaky & fragile. Wulfenite is named in honor of Austrian mineralofgist Franz xavier von Wulfen. Often found in Mexico, Morocco, & the U.S.


Galena is a primary mineral, & is the most common miner containing lead. It is often well crystallized with forms of cubic & octohedral shapes or a combination of the two. Galena specimens are usually found in sedimentary limestone deposits found sedimentary limestone desposits along hypothermal veins. These minerals are easily damaged, so they should be handled with care. Found in Bulgaria & the U.S.


I absolutely freaked out when I saw this specimen in one of our flats! I love that the wulfenite sits so lightly on top of the dense galena it is such a cool look differense between minerals!


Wulfenite is believed to move energy not only around its environment but within individuals as well. It is supposedly helpful with white magic rituals as well! Wulfenite also clears emotional blocks.

Galena is known to bring harmony to whoever is in its presence. It is also believed that those who are around the mineral will feel an overwellming wash of calmness & insight.


Weight: 210.5 grams

Size: 2"x1.5"x1.25

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