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A Mother of All Deals!🤰

Calling all you moms and mom lovers! We are having an amazing deal for those special people that brought us into this world. On May 13th our special Mother's Day selection will all be 20% off on the website using the coupon code "MOM" at checkout.

We selected crystals and minerals that are special to women. They help bring out the inner attributes in women that we need to celebrate revere more! In today's day and age women are strong independent creatures, especially mothers because they literally create, birth, nurture, and raise human beings!

The crystals and minerals that we selected are; amethyst for its protective and loving nature. We figured that mothers spend so much of their time worrying about protecting and loving their children that they should have something looking out for them! It has also been found that that amethyst boosts hormones if you struggle to conceive, are looking to start or want to expand your already happy household! Tourmaline, black in particular is amazing for absorbing electromagnetic radiation from your atmosphere. If you are a busy mom you can keep in your pocket if you always use your phone or near the computer! It is also amazing for warding off negative energy. We also included Pink tourmaline. This is such an amazing stone... It has such an innate ability to give us strength during trying times in our lives. You could be in an irrational state of emotion one second and this stone would bring you down soon after.

I think we have all gone to our moms for a shoulder to cry on, well at the shop I go to my rose quartz they are amazing for love and emotional healing and make amazing gifts! We also chose aquamarine for obvious stress relieving properties. Luckily for both mothers and children aquamarine is known to make others more tolerant of each other. If you and your child seem to be struggling with compatibility, aquamarine might be worth a try! A great one that we chose is calcite it is a water sign crystal that we chose specific to grounding your emotions as well as making sure that your flow of energy stays on track. I believe that the most important thing that calcite does is that it ensure that you stay committed. Citrine is amazing for every setting. If you have little to no time to cleanse your crystals, you are in luck. Because of it high vibrations that stay constant, you don't necessarily need to cleanse citrine! I would still cleanse it every now and then though. ,

Lapis Lazuli because of its blue tone is identified with the throat chakra. That in short translates to expressing themselves verbally instead of "swallowing their words". We chose labradorite specifically because it is known as a stone of transformation. Becoming a mother is a very transformative time in life and this stone just embodies that so well and really empowers that! It also makes the one who holds it and observes it see their true self worth it is a beautiful experience. selenite was literally named after the Greek moon Goddess Selene. Selenite is known as a feminine stone. It is amazing for dispelling negative energy but its best quality I believe is bringing about deep peace and tranquility.

Remember: Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Calcite, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite,Selenite,

We cannot wait for this mothers day and we hope that you all are as excited as we are! What wonderful trait did your mom pass down to you? My mom gave me freckles and a big heart!💗 Let's here yours!

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