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Earth Day Deals!

Hi there GRAM FAM! We hope you are ready for one of our favorite days, Earth day! We here at Geology Rocks! And Minerals love the planet and all of the wonderful gifts that it brings us each and every day! on April 22, 2018, all online silicates will be 20% off with the use of the coupon code EARTHDAY. Did you know that silicates make up 90% of the earths crust?

Our team tries to reduce their carbon foot prints just like everyone else here are a few ways of how they do it. Kasey likes to not only recycle at home and when he goes to the beach instead of picking up shells he picks up trash! Jen likes to recycle and ride her bike to work and school. Maddy likes to use all natural products as well as only drink out of reusable bottles and glasses. Chris likes to long board to work and makes his own coffee at work! Those are just a few ways that our Chico team helps keep the world natural. What are ways that you try to reduce your carbon foot print?

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