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Ernst Quarries or Sharktooth Hill

Have you ever been? If you haven’t it’s a MUST! This fee dig area in Bakersfield California is arguably the richest and most extensive marine deposit of bones in the world, averaging roughly 200 bones per square yard (Charles Q. Choi). 

You can find all types of marine fossils including fish teeth, seal tusks, turtle bones, whale ribs, and sharks teeth from countless different species including the world famous Megalodon! And this is exactly what we did in the summer of 2017. With the exception of finding a Megalodon tooth :/

But don’t let that deter you from visiting. The famous fossil bed is a relatively easy dig. The loamy sediment breaks apart with little effort which aids in sifting for fossils. So a full days dig can bring dozens and dozens of sharks teeth. The only rough part about the day we chose to dig was that it was in the mid 90’s. Boy it was hot!!

Being prepared for a dig is important and thankfully we were. Checking the weather is VERY important and bringing too much HYDRATION is not a bad thing! If you are thinking about going on a dig and never have been before make sure to do your research. And if you don’t know where to start, MESSAGE US, and we’d be happy to give you pointers!!

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