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Why Geology Is Important!

From jewelry to buildings, rocks and minerals are deeply ingrained into the function of our society. Without the study of them (educational or firsthand), our ancestors wouldn't have been able to make tools that helped them further evolve, we wouldn't have the roadways we drive on, and we of course wouldn't be able to make the new discoveries about our planet each day like we do on a regular basis. Everything from predicting the rupture of volcanoes in densely populated areas to preventing problems created by ground water usage, is determined by the study of geology

Humans have always been intrigued by the function of rocks and minerals and because we're so dependent on these specific resources that the planet has gifted to us, it's crucial that we are appreciative of them and understanding of the processes that it took for them to get here. This will only further the love of our precious crystals more! 🙂

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