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This week I am talking to all of my astrological signs that are Cancers out there! Those are you who are born between the dates June 22nd and July 22nd. I myself fall right at the tail end of those dates! Being cancers makes all of us born under this sign vulnerable to our emotions. If you are born at the end of July like me, you have to fight the fiery spirit that dwells within as well. Cancer's are naturally water elements and should avoid keeping too many water elemental stones in their collection to avoid an overload of emotion. If you are also born deep in summer you might also want to not keep as many fire elemental stones in your collection. If you absolutely love your water elemental stones like I do, I have found that meditating and gridding with air and earth elemental stones has helped keep me grounded and less in my emotions.

Three great examples of stones that and crystals that Cancer's should work with are amethyst, kyanite, and smoky quartz. These are all air elemental quality crystals and minerals with the exception of amethyst that is both water and air elemental. The great thing about air elemental stones is that they bring emotional and mental stability.

Three great examples for earth minerals are hematite, malachite, and agate. Hematite is amazing for grounding and stress relief. If you know a Cancer, you know that we hold the world on our shoulders. I also chose malachite because it breaks unwanted ties with people. Cancer's are known to very attached people in relationships even if they don't want those relationships. Lastly I chose agate because it is ruled by the moon and it is a very nurturing stone. Crystals and minerals can do so many amazing things for us and our bodies we just need to take time to understand them and how they make us feel. What is your astrological sign and what crystals make you feel just right?👌

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