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Why I collect crystals

Collecting crystals seems to be a hobby that everyone picks up at some point in their lives. Whether it be the color, the symmetry, or the jewelry, everyone falls in love with at least one little shiny rock at some point. So with this article I want to tell you guys about how I fell in love with crystals.

When I was a child, we would go over to my great Grandma's house every Friday for dinner! This was my favorite day of the week for three reasons:

1. The food, All the best homemade Japanese food you could eat!

2. My family, because I'm great and they are the reason why

3. the ROCKS!

My great Grandma's late husband was a rock collector, like me! So she always had the most amazing crystals and rocks decorating her house.

I had a few favorites, like a Thunder egg from Oregon that looked like an eerie illuminated cave. But, even though that may have been the start of my crystal obsession, that wasn't where I fell in love. Truthfully, a few days later (after a ten minute research into rocks) I learned how sedimentary rocks form. With this information I decided that it was a good time for me to try to make my own rock! I gathered different kinds of dirt and sediments from around my house, put them in a cup, added some water and told my mom that it would be a full on rock in like ten years. (It didn't work)

But I never forgot that moment, because trying to make my own rock made me feel as if anything in the world was possible. And even if it took me ten years it would have been worth it, because rocks are cool, man. And it was from that experience I learned that I wanted to somehow incorporate them into my life. So that is how I fell in love with crystals, and how I decided to become a Geologist!

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